Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chakras of Planet Earth

1st Tibet
2nd Giza

3rd Stonehenge

4th Lower: Macchu Picchu
Higher: Easter Island

5th Los Angeles

6th Japan

7th none - yet

1st: The monks in Tibet are known for the chanting of those very deep very low notes --- the kind of notes that are associated with the base chakra

2nd: If you put all the land masses of the planet together, Giza would be in the center. This is the center of our planet, as the sacral chakra is the center of the body

3rd: Stonehenge: Power Spot

5th: Los Angeles --- 5th chakra --- throat --- communication. Everything that gets communicated from Los Angeles gets distributed to the rest of the planet. (Hollywood)

6th: Japan --- 3rd eye. What is Japan noted for? Cameras. The lens. The all seeing lens.

7th: The crown --- we are not yet spiritually complete. When we are, the Crown Chakra will have its home.

Male and Female: 1st and 4th chakras:

1st: Masculine - Tibet: It is in Tibet that the rays of the Sun first strike the planet. The Monks in Tibet are supposed to be step down transformers for the Masculine Aspect of the God Ray.

4th: Feminine --- both locations
Easter Island was a sacred nunnery.
Macchu Picchu -- Rain Forest -- Wings of the Planet
The Amazons were here. This represents FEMALE empowerment.
To balance the planet with Female energies.

Masculine and Feminine energies are no longer being balanced, since there is no one left to do this.

New York is the Head. David Yarrow tells us that Onondaga Lake is the Pineal Gland of Planet Earth.

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