Monday, December 21, 2009

Calling for abundance

During the last few years I have been channelling and learning from other people prayers. A few years ago, I got this chant during a shamanic ritual. This chant is to ask the universe to send us money for example:

"Resources of the universe, as the river goes to the sea, please come to me because I need it"

This is chant, so it has to be said over and over increasing the vibration each time . You visualize that this request has a form a perfect energy ball that is being built while chanting. At some stage you will feel that the energy ball needs to be relased, like when you press "send" on an E-mail. Once it is sent, the message (energy ball) will be looked after. Say thanks and mean it! and move on, let the universe work it out!

Do it and let me know how you got on!



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